Windows Internet Security Warning on Mac

Recently as I’ve been browsing the Chief Delphi forums, I’ve gotten a pop-up saying “Windows Internet Security- Your browser is being run in un-safe mode and you’re at risk of an infection” or something or other.

The kicker is that I’m on a Mac. I’m currently running a virus scanner to find out if it’s something on my end, but I’ve found other things online saying it could potentially be the website itself.

Has anyone else experienced this?

(I’m running the latest version of Firefox if that makes a difference)

That is a well known “fake” window that malicious sites pop up in web browsers in an attempt to get you to install malware.

More than likely, it was a result of the webpages you were visiting before chief delphi. However, it has been known to be triggered by malicious javascript code embedding in advertising banners.

I’ve never seen that originating from chief delphi, so as I suggested, I suspect it’s from the websites you were visiting before coming here.

I’m not exactly the most computer-savvy person around, so I’m not surprised I haven’t heard of it haha.


Maybe you could set your browser to not allow pop-ups?

Using Firefox with Adblock will solve your problems forever. Plus it doesn’t block CD ads, so those companies still make money.