Windows Xp networking Problem


I have a new windows xp home laptop and i got a linksys wireless router. I have a network setup with a desktop computer running Xp pro and i have also installeed internet connection sharing. My network will share the ics and i can access files from my laptop but i can’t access my laptop from the desktop computer. When i go into the workgroup and click on my laptops name it says \laptop](file://\laptop) is not accessible

No permission to access resource.

Just to see i also pluged a Me machine in and the same thing happens. So I can see all computers just the Xp Pro desktop (and Me) does not have access to my Xp home laptop.

Pinging the laptop does work so the network is working.

Thanks For any help


Configure/Turn off any firewalls. Thats what usually happens to me.

All Firewalls are off Wlan IEEE LAN and Dialup are all off.

Have you shared any folders or drives yet on the laptop?

You didin’t mention it but do you have any Norton Internet Security running? I have been having similar problems and am losing my link from my laptop to my print server when all else is fine. I found that if I disabled NIS I could find the server. I am still working on the other problems when I have time. (and someone is not using the other computers.)


i have no norton or mcafee or any virus programs and i have multiple folders shared. The desktop is just recently formated and reinstalled so thier SHHOULD be no problems connecting.

I’ve run into that problem before at work. I think some versions of XP deny remote access to any network resources until the Network Setup Wizard is run. Click start, go to All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Network Setup Wizard. My guess is some services are turned off, or permissions aren’t properly set for remote access.

The setup wizard will ask you a bunch of questions about your setup, so just answer them as you would want your network to be set up. At the end of the wizard, it will go through and reset all the permissions in the appropriote places, and activate all the required services for network communication. Once all is said and done, reboot the host computer, then try to access it again.

I have run into the same problem on my network.

Try this out:
Go to My Computer, then click on Tools, then Map Network Drive. For the “Folder” type in double backslashes, then the computer name, then another backslash, then the share name, like so: “LaptopShare”. Then click on the link that says “Connect using a different user name”. For the user name, type in your computers name, then a backslash, then the user name, like so: “LaptopDrew”. Then, just type in your password and click ok, then Finish.
I hope this works, tell me what happens and if you need more help, let me know; I will try to figure it out.

Good Luck

I am having a simmilar problem, I decided to search, found this thread and its close to what I have. I have 4 computers on my network. 1 win 2003 server running apache, etc. 1 Win xp home, 2 win 98. With my 2003 machine I can see everything, with my 2 win 98 systems I also can see everything. With my xp machine I can see the network M (which it is part of) but cant see network R. Also, when I go into M no computer is showed nor accessable.

I use the win xp computer the most and would like to be able to connect to the others ( specificly my server ) to upload/download files.

Has anyone else been able to solve this problem or suggest a solution?


  1. old thread
  2. wired or wireless?
  3. can all access the internet?
  4. Is it though one router?
  5. Are any other computers part of M?
  6. have you looked at your workgroup settings (right click in my computer, got to computer name tab)

If everything were to work right, you can add a network locations (aka your server) to your computer by going to My Network Places>Add network place>Choose Another Network Location>Browse to find computers.

Guess, I deserved that.

This is an old thread but same subject and ideas I tried.

The server and 2 98 machines are wired and running to my switch/router/dsl modem. the laptop is running on a wireless router which is simply running as a wireless AP and switch.

The 2003 and a 98 are part of the M network

The laptop is named and is a different name from the other computers. again, I can access the laptop from every other computer and each computer can assess the others but the xp home laptop.

running browse it finds M but cant find computers on it.


I’m going to assume that the wired and wireless componates are connected.
Why are there 2 networks M and R. Are these real networks (separate and are like wireless networks where you can switch between them with different computers attached) or workgroups. Windows has workgroups where different sets of computers are all part of 1 network, but different workgroups so that it almost is like different networks. I would suggest making them all the same workgroup. Note that this is different from the computer name, but in the same place. You might need to also adjust sharing settings on the computers. To share a particular drive on your network, go to the drive in My Computer and show the properties. Go to the sharing tab. If it says something about sharing is off to protect your computer, click the text underneith to show sharing options. Look that the second area of that tab and either follow the wizered or follow instructions in not using the wizered. I don’t feel like going through the wizered right now to give you much details about it. But that is where you need to go.

I had a similar problem and found that the second router (the wireless one) sees the other router as a different device. I set permanent IP addresses on both and configured each to accept the IP address of the other. You must be sure to have the file sharing settings correct on all computers for the drives and computers to share files and resources. (It is possible to share printers and even modems this way.) The settings are tricky and drove me nuts for a while.
I am not using a server but have 1 XP machine wireless, 1 wired, 1 Win 98 wired, 1 Mac wireless running OS10 and one new HP printer with built in NIC, now all nicely playing except for files to and from the Mac. It prints though, Airports don’t play well with others and I am considering removing that component.

I had random net work gremlins similar to above and others related to VPN’s and remote hosting. Several friends also described similar problems. What we all had in common was mixed XP home and pro. I have since upgraded all the office computers and home computers to XP pro. The gremlins have disappeared.

The two networks are actually two work groups as you said. 3 are my own ( The M work group ) and the R is my dads. I know how to share drives and share resources, as I said before the other computers can see the xp home laptop but for some reason it doesn’t work the other way. Everything is shared the same with each computer. And ocasionally ( Very rarely ) it works.

Did you set permanent IP address on the router or the computers? I believe I have both but maybe the settings got changed on my wireless router. MY main router/modem is preset for sure on the same network range while the netgear router, which I simply use as a switch and access point was set to another range until I thought I changed it. When I get power fluctuations the wireless isn’t on my ups system so its possible it got reset. I used to be able to print from any machine to my lexmark hooked to the 98 machine or laser on my xp-home or my brother 4 in 1 on my xp-home. It could just be the IP addresses so I will check that.

Thanks for the help guys


Can you do \computername\share or \ip\share?

If \computername\share does not work, but \ip\share works, you likely have dns issues, which are pretty difficult to resolve with a normal home router, as they often don’t provide a true dns server.

It’s often better to browse right to a computer instead of using network neighborhood, or “my network places” in 2003/xp. You can use map network drive \ map printer share with auto-reconnect on login, and it will always show up.

Sort of unrelated, but if you do a “connect to server” in finder, and do smb://ip/sharename, you should be able to connect to windows shares on the mac even if they dont show up when you browse the network.

I had to set a permanent IP for the second router and the printer. Even though all computers could see the internet portal through the DSL connection on router 1, they couldn’t see the computers attached on that router. By setting a permanent ID on the second router and setting that as a legal path on the first router, I could still invoke DHCP and the first router would see traffic from the second. For some reason, still not clear to me, the sharing on various computers seems to disappear at times. REsetting is a hassle but necessary.

Gee, I had a problem with a linksys wireless and XP, for me the issue was my data encryption, I needed to set the password on the XP machine. The thing that was confusing is that the linksys generated a huge table off of my password, however the XP only needed the contents of the first box, if you try to put it all in it will not work, I found out the hard way. I know this sounds a bit cryptic, but when you open the security settings for both XP and the linksys it should make sense. I don’t know that this is your problem, but it was all that was keeping me from connecting. Anyway, good luck with it.