WindRiver 2010 license problems

Since the laptop we recieved is not very good and going to be used on the driver station, we have decided to continue to use the laptop from the past year. when i went to install the software on it, after the operation was succesful, i went to run windriver, set the new directory, and then it came up and said that the license was invalid. I cant figure out why. please help!

Did you put in the new activation file? when you open the installer, the 2nd (i think) has a radio option, use current activation or enter new activation (or something like that). select the new activation, and browse for the key (D:\distributions\windriver\FRC_install_key_or_something_of_that_sort.txt). Hit next, select Custom, Next, check all boxes, Install, and finish the installer

thanks. that helped alot. they kinda stuck that in there at the bottom, didn’t they :smiley: