Windriver alternatives?

This is my second year of FRC and I am leading programming for the Green Wrenches (2517) because the previous programmers have graduated and thus are not on the team anymore.

Last year with our computers we had WindRiver was already installed and they taught us how to use that and we went along with it and coded in C++, and now we don’t have the previous computers and we are unable to install windriver on new computers because it seems our license has expired.
Screenshot on error code:
Running windows 8 and 8.1

I don’t know much about IDEs that are compatible with the cRIO (or RobotRIO now but we are competing in a smaller local competitition called BunnyBot soon, and we need an IDE to program.

I am asking for alternatitives that are easy to use and can program in either Java or C++, and also connect to the robots and deploy code like WindRiver could.


WindRiver is going away for the 2015 season. In 2014 and prior, teams were given a 12 month license. WindRiver had to be reinstalled each season. For 2015, WindRiver is being replaced with Eclipse. The FRC-specific version of Eclipse will be made available on Kickoff day (January 3rd) to all teams.

As for what you can do with your current cRio, you can check the thread in the last post. There’s also this thread -

In short, it’s unlikely the programming tools from FIRST will continue to support the cRio after January 3rd.

It appears you are installing with the 2013 license and not the 2014 license.

Ok thank you for the answer! This helped a lot.

This is probably what we are going to be using for BunnyBot. Thanks!

I’ve created a vagrant VM configuration that will install all of the vxWorks GCC build tools on a linux VM, along with frcmake.