Windriver Build Failed

I am attempting to upload code from last year to last year’s robot. However, when I build the code in Windriver, it gives me this error message:

C:\WindRiver\vxworks-6.3\host\x86-win32\bin\make.exe: *** No rule to make target C:/WindRiver/2012 Competition Code/SimpleTemplate/2012 Competition Code.cpp', needed bySimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/2012 Competition Code.o’. Stop.
Build Failed in Project ‘SimpleTemplate’ (Process Exit Value was 2): 2013-01-25 14:04:40 (Elapsed Time: 00:00)

I am not sure what this error means. The code has no errors in, it just refuses to build.

It just looks like the .cpp can’t be found. Perhaps you moved the source code to a different location?

Oddball WindRiver errors like this always elicit the same advice from me to my students… “Project -> Clean…” then either clean all projects or just your project of interest. It will remove all the intermediate files. Often times this will fix such issues.