Windriver can't setup remote system - license error

This Windriver stuff is getting old. This is my third attempt at getting the thing going. I have it installed on a fresh Windows 7 image on a very nice, very fast laptop. Installed both DVDs precisely as instructed. I can FTP the cRIO. I have the IP addresses set. Everything pings. Firewall turned off.

I cannot setup the Remote System connection in Windriver. It gives me licensing errors. Any ideas? The latest error says:

Problems Connecting Target
Step finished with this error: CPU: MPC83xx is not licensed

Target Context: VxWorks6x_10.40.86.2@WINDOWS-CNR8H59
Target Connect Strategy: Wind River VxWorks Target Connect Strategy
Connect Step: Connect DFW

Target Communication Protocol: TCP/IP
Target IP Address:
Target Port: 0x4321

Searching the Chief Delphi forums for “MPC83xx” quickly found this thread. It’s short, and it should help you find the step you missed when setting up the connection.

you have to specify the processor as 5200 instead of “default from target”.

We changed the CPU type to MPC5200 for the cRIO (probably the same for cRIO-II 4 slot version).