Windriver - Can't Undeploy Code

Our team is having difficulty with deploying/undeploying code to our cRio. We are using Windriver, and we can connect to the cRio. However, whenever we try to undeploy the code to deploy new code, we get the error:

“Unable to delete the UserProgram from the robot.”

Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it? We have already seen this, but none of the solutions have worked for us so far. Any help would be appreciated.

2 things-

1: You don’t have to undeploy old code first. At least, I never do and I don’t have a problem.

2: If you try to undeploy twice in a row, you get that error. You can only undeploy one time.

If you are loading code onto the robot via a debug dialog, then you do not need to undeploy the code. Simply restart the robot and this will clear the RAM and the program will be gone. If you put code onto the robot by doing FIRST->Download (Which really needs to be changed to say Deploy…) then you will need to do FIRST->Undeploy to get rid of the code.

I always use the First -> Download without undeploying first. As long as you reboot the robot, I have found you are fine.

This is true, as FIRST->Download will write the code to the flash and will only be loaded on start up. However if you want to download the code via debug so that you can real time debug the code, you will need to do FIRST->Undeploy, restart, then debug the code.