WindRiver connection problem on Tablet Computers?

Hey everybody,
Two members of our programming team have tablet computers and have also had problems with WindRiver. After building the code, when we go to connect to the robot, some of the buttons and text fields normally present are not there. I’ve read around and it seems like Windows 7 64-bit OS’s are not supported, but several others on our team with Windows 7 64-bit computers have WindRiver installed and working perfectly. The only obvious thing that the problem computers have that the others dont is a touchscreen. I installed it 3 times, one with my antivirus disabled. Could there be a problem with the drivers? Would running a VM help?

If you run a VM with a 32bit OS, it will help. We believe it is some problem that the version of Java and Eclipse used by workbench has on 64-bit OSs. We have had other reports of it working on a 64-bit OS, though. Basically, if it works for you, then use it as is. If it doesn’t you’ll have to find a 32-bit option.


“not supported” only means that Wind River doesn’t test the product on 64-bit W7.
It doesn’t necessarily mean the product will not work on some installations.

Thanks. I guess I’ll try a 32 bit xp VM. I’m really suspicious about the touchscreen drivers, though… I’ll post here when I get the vm up and running.

Attached is a screenshot, for anyone who might be interested.

As has been said, Wind River just has problems on some 64bit computers. Other computers Wind River works fine on. With my experience with it, I don’t see any reason for tablet drivers to be the cause of the problem.

Hmm well I guess it doesn’t really matter. I installed windows XP SP3 32 bit in virtualbox. Attached is a screenshot of wind river running in the vm. It looks fine to me, but there are still empty areas in the dialog. Am I missing any other controls?

Thanks for the helps!

You thought that because the dialog had empty fields Workbench wasn’t working?
Your team members who had WR Workbench installed last year already had target connections defined from last year – so the fields are not empty.
Your team members who did not have WRWB installed last year did not have any previously defined target connections – empty fields.
Sorry you had to waste so much time, but you’ve learned something important – read the instructions.

Please follow the very nicely detailed instructions posted here…

gvarndel, Maybe you should read the thread again. The problem the OP was having is a very real problem, caused by running 64Bit OS’s.

nolanpoe, If on the other hand, the dialog you showed is what showed up on the computers with 64bit OS’s then yes, you have wasted time. Otherwise, the dialog showed isn’t missing any parts, it just has some open spaces for some reason.

I’ve read the thread again and decided:

  1. nolanpoe and the OP are one and the same
  2. the problem reported in the first post is the same problem shown in post #6 – but less clearly articulated.

Sorry about the confusion. Clear articulation of my ideas is something I strive for but never achieve.

Also, #4 has a screenshot of the problem described in #1. Basically the problem was that there was no field for me to input an IP address into…

#6 is actually describing wind river working (AFAIK… I was able to connect and download code when it looked like this).

One more thing: I’ve run into some problems with wind river in VirtualBox. The first day it worked perfectly. Next morning, not so much. It was complaining about not finding a specific dll file. Reinstall fixed it. I’ll edit this post later with any more information I discover today.

If only… Unfortunately, none of our team members participated last year. 1717 is a rookie group every year. We rely on mentors and alumni for detailed information about past years, and none of the ones that I asked was able to figure it out.

Thanks a bunch for all of the help. CD is pretty much the most helpful forum I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

If my interpretation of what the OP or nolanpoe, said in his first post is correct, the dialog boxes didn’t have any place to enter info. They probably looked like this:

Where the dialogs are completely missing. Whereas in the 6th post, the screenshot showed the boxes for input.

I think you are probably correct – my mistake.
I thought post #6 was just a reiteration and elaboration on the original post.
The VM using 32-bit OS seems to be the only 100% reliable solution available to those using 64-bit OS.
And finally, there clearly was some confusion in post #6 that needed to be cleared up – the empty (as opposed to missing) fields was not a problem.

I’m sorry about all the confusion. I know this thread is old, but I would just like to say that the 32 bit XP virtual machine did work. It was finicky and obviously not the ideal workaround, but it got me through the season. If memory serves, I think that I reinstalled windows 7 at some point, maybe post-season, and windriver worked after that, but the touchscreen didn’t. This leads me to believe the problem was somehow connected to the touchscreen driver(s).

If anyone ever has this problem again, I would try disabling the touchscreen in the windows device manager. I think that would disable the touchscreen driver(s), hopefully fixing the problem. Failing that, try the VM workaround.