Windriver connection to cRio

Hello all, again :slight_smile:

I just have a quick question on Windriver basics… I was looking through the FIRST manual which comes with the windriver installation, and I noticed that a good amount of the pages are simply blank with only headers of what was supposed to be described there…

since most of these topics where not necessary for what I needed, I didnt care to much about finding these pages… BUT, what was also missing was the page titled something like “Setting up FIRST download preferences”… The page was supposed to describe how to properly deploy a windriver program permanently onto a cRio…

I already set up a connection with the cRio in an earlier chapter of the manual, so my question is - is deploying a program using windriver about the same as with labview (that is, you hook up the laptop to the drivers station, and you click “run”)? or is it different in so many ways that I have no chance to figure it out on my own?

Either way, I would appreciate a near-step-by-step guide how to deploy my first windriver program (for instance, I already have the Sample Robot program set up and modified for my preference)…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Is the version of the C/C++ Programming Guide for the FIRST Robotics Competition, Rev 0.76, dated January 25, 2009?
(Located after installation at: C:\WindRiver\docs\extensions\FRC\C Programming Guide for FRC.pdf)

Are you talking about page 14 “Setting up the environment” or another section?

There are blank sections at the end, such as, Using the Serial Port, Using I2C, and C++ Tips.

I don’t have the manual on me but I think the section is further down, past setting up the sample program…
And yes, that is the manual I am talking about

You might have an older version of the document.
A new version came out with each Wind River update we received, so make sure you are looking at the latest from January 25, 2009.

Did you install the latest Wind River update? Do you need it?

I updated windriver to the newest version as soon as I installed it, so like, if anyone knows how to do it, please tell me

bad wording above, I meant, if anyone knows what are the exact steps to connect + upload code from windriver to a cRio

I assume from your post that you did the first two steps.

  1. Create a new connection following the Guide and connect to your cRIO using the Remote Systems window.
  2. Setup the debugger settings

For the FIRST Downloader Preferences you have to tell Wind River exactly which .out file to download in the menu:
Window --> Preferences -> FIRST Downloader Preferences

Go to Windows on the top menu bar and select Preferences.
Under Preferences you’ll see “FIRST Downloader Preferences” and in there you need to set your team number, and find the “.out” file that your example generates.

You can locate your compiler output by drilling down through your project files in the Wind River Project Explorer in the upper left window. The File Navigator will probably have several .out files listed with the full path, just make sure you pick the one with the same name as your project. The .out file will only exist after you’ve compiled the first time.

The .out will be under whatever project directory you’ve made. Mine happens to be C:\WindRiver\2009. For instance, for a Simple Template project the .out is buried under: C:\WindRiver\2009\SimpleTemplate\PPC603gnu\SimpleTemplate\debug\SimpleTemplate.out

No matter what project you are working on, when you tell it to download, that’s the file that’s going to be downloaded, so be sure to change it whenever you switch projects. Many people find themselves changing their code, but downloading an old program. You can pull your hair out over figuring out why none of your changes do anything.:ahh: