Windriver does not finish building

We’ve got a drivable base, updated the hardware and PC software, and I connected to the cRIO over wireless with my laptop. I suspect that I could download new software onto the cRIO. But, when I run a build even with the SimpleRobot example it never seems to finish building. I’ve given it as long as an hour and nothing new happened :frowning: No errors, no crashes. The thermometer bar just keeps cycling. Can anyone help me fix this? How long should this take?

This is the Build Output:

Build Started in Project 'SimpleTemplate':   2009-01-22 19:40:37
Generation of makefiles started.
Generation of makefiles finished (Elapsed Time: 00:01).
Platform: Wind River VxWorks 6.3
Command: make --no-print-directory BUILD_SPEC=PPC603gnu DEBUG_MODE=1 TRACE=1
Working Directory: G:/FRC/2009/Workspace/SimpleTemplate/PPC603gnu
if  ! -d "`dirname "SimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.o"`" ]; then mkdir -p "`dirname "SimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.o"`"; fi;echo "building SimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.o"; ccppc -g -mcpu=603 -mstrict-align -mno-implicit-fp -mlongcall -ansi -Wall  -MD -MP -mlongcall  -IC:/WindRiver/vxworks-6.3/target/h -IC:/WindRiver/vxworks-6.3/target/h/WPILib -IC:/WindRiver/vxworks-6.3/target/h/wrn/coreip   -DCPU=PPC603 -DTOOL_FAMILY=gnu -DTOOL=gnu -D_WRS_KERNEL    -o "SimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.o" -c "G:/FRC/2009/Workspace/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.cpp"
building SimpleTemplate_partialImage/Debug/Objects/SimpleTemplate/MyRobot.o

You might notice that the files are on G:. I did it again on a C:\ project and the problem persisted.

While the build is running, a process called get_feature.exe consumes an entire processor (from a dual core). What is it doing :confused:

Hopefully, you’ve installed Workbench in c:\windriver and it’s just your workspace that you’re moving around.
If you decided to get creative when you installed Workbench, and put it someplace other than c:\windriver, you need to reinstall it.
If you did install workbench where it belongs, and you’re just moving your workspace around, you shouldn’t be having this problem.
However, you are using a special version of the Wind River tools.
So, I would suggest doing all your projects in c:\windriver\workspace.
(get_feature.exe is looking to see if you’re licensed – you’ve done something to confuse it.)

Hmm… does it also say it’s at about 52% and it’s building objects or something??
I randomly get this problem as well, but I just try to restart windriver by manually end tasking it… Since windriver is a java program, I’d have to end task javaw.exe and restart windriver. This is my work around…

It doesn’t just do this some of the time, it’s done it every time.

So, I would suggest doing all your projects in c:\windriver\workspace.
Will do.

(get_feature.exe is looking to see if you’re licensed – you’ve done something to confuse it.)
Does that mean I’ll have to reinstall it? I couldn’t find anything regarding the license in the application menu. How do you reinstall it anyway?

I’m having the same exact problem. The build process just hangs there, no matter what you do. The workspace is in the same position and it can’t build the source code and the necessary .out files.

This is really stopping us from letting us do ANYTHING. Any help would be much appreciated.

I finally got WindRiver to work flawlessly, but I had to put a new hard drive in and reinstall windows :ahh:

I think the problem is related to LEGO Mindstorms NXT messing up your computer. I uninstalled all of that and the problem persisted. However, that prevented NI-RIO from properly loading, and I don’t think that would have also interfered with WindRiver.

Our software has been installed on three systems, and it was just mine that couldn’t compile. The one other laptop couldn’t run stuff on the cRIO and deleted the code, so our robot did nothing. We re-imaged the cRIO and the default code came back.

We understand your pain. This new control system has been all torture and no benefit for us…

Well… We didn’t have the LEGO Mindstorms NXT program on our computer so that’s not the problem. We STILL have this problem so I’m pretty sure that this is something serious (it should have been fixed by now though).

But yeah, I share your views on the new control system being torture and pain…

1075 mysteriously started having this problem last week. Anybody have any ideas, we’re trying everything, and seem to be causing more harm than good. We’ve been trying to reinstall windriver, among other things. This is sort of a panic as we’re scheduled to compete at brunswick eruption this weekend.

Sadly, the only advice I can give you is to 1. install on a fresh copy of windows or 2. buy a new laptop. There are some pretty good deals these days.