Windriver doesn't install correctly

Each time I have installed Windriver, it never allows me to use the included FIRST modules.

In the attached photo, you can see the box that pops up when I go to File->New Project

Anybody know how to fix this?


You must be running Windows 7 64-bit OS. There is a bug in Wind River that some UI dialog will show up empty in Win7 64-bit. Unfortunately, the only solution people have come up with is: run it in a 32-bit Windows or install a 32-bit Windows in a VM. :frowning:

Are you looking for the FRC code examples?

WindRiver => New => Example => VxWorks downloadable kernel module sample project => Next.

I get nine FRC examples and nine others. You can start your project with one of the FRC examples.

If there aren’t any examples, you probably installed WRW with your antivirus code enabled. Uninstall WRW: Windows => Start => All Programs => WindRiver => Uninstall and Maintenance => Maintenance Tool => Uninstall.

If there are just non-FRC examples, you probably installed the C++ patch => C++ Update with antivirus enabled (I’ve seen both these problems when antivirus is not disabled.) Disable your AV and install the patch again.

I’ve heard that starting a project in another manner doesn’t get the #include files or $paths correct, etc. We’ve always started our development from one of the FRC examples, even if we had to rip out most of the example code.