Windriver Error 1

Hi, I was just trying to load last year’s code onto this year’s CRIO(II), and I got an "Error one when I try to build it. I can’t download code until I build at least once. I am using Windriver 3.3 on Win & x64. I attached two screenshots.

Please, HELP!

Could it be an issue with the file path?
I know that by default the path to the .out file should be
like the one in meh video:

(skip to the useful parts, the beginning is useless).

AlSO, for reusing last years code, you could try opening a simpletemplate, and then just replacing all of its code with your own.

Did you copy last year’s project into a new one while in WindRiver?

I don’t use WindRiver tools or C++, so I’m not up on the details, but is the “PPC603” a clue?

Nice vid, but not useful for me, because the issue is with building, and I can’t continue until I do the first build.

That is what I did. Any other ideas?

That is your issue. Once, in the side panel I rightclicked on my project, hit Copy, then clicked outside of it and pasted it as 2012_1.1

It turns out that when you do that, it uses the same build configuration as the old class, so it tries to get the .out from the old class instead of your new one.
Get it?

So what you have to do is do a simple copy paste inside of Windows Explorer (like My Documents or C:/ for example) and rename it through there. Then go to WindRiver and File->Import->Existing Projects->Find your workspace where you copied it and select it. Then it should work!

-Eagle Engineering 1138

but there is one small issue, I just have the code from last year, not the whole WR project. WR want a vxworks file, which I don’t have. How do I get around that?

Thanks for all the help!

How about making things simpler, can you build one of the FRC Examples?

Make a new Example, rename it, replace MyRobot.cpp with last years. Then, (if you have any) place any other classes inside of the example. Make sure all of the code is up-to-date, then build.

No, I can’t. can build normal CPP files, but if I use any FRC examples, it gives me the error I showed.

I just looked through the WPILib Update installer script and it gave me an idea of something you could try:
Locate the following file and rename it to remove the “.hangs”


Thanks! it works! big help for me!!!