Windriver error

What is wrong!!!
VxWorks plugin version:
Attaching elf OMF reader for PPC CPU family… succeeded.
Error: loading core symbol table: status = 0xe0004
Error: Unable to load /c/ni-rt/system/vxWorks
Error: Unable to load the kernel image into the target server.
Error during target server core initialization
Target Server will exit

and there is now default program when I load the image.

I don’t know the answer, but we (Team 1868) were getting the same error message just tonight in the lab. So you’re not alone.


In our case, we had installed the Wind River FRC 2010 software right over the top of the FRC 2009 software. We uninstalled everything and started from a clean system. Installed the 2010 discs and… voila, the load error no longer occurred. We are now controlling our 2009 robot through the new driver station.