WindRiver Installation Issues - can you help a brother out?

I’m a mentor who is trying to get the programming environment up and running for my team (1111) and we are having a few issues. I have a few laptops at my disposal for team usage and I’m trying to install WindRiver.

I’m using “DVD 2 of 2” that indicates it runs on both Windows XP and Vista. I’m told the team has the ‘other DVD’ but I haven’t seen it.

My failed attempts are on Vista (Home Basic) at this time - so if you tell me that things are working for you on Windows XP, I’ll try that as well.


  1. Computer running Vista Home Basic, has Internet access, patched
  2. I shove in the DVD, go to d:\distributions\windriver
  3. Read the ‘readme.txt’ and ‘license.htm’ - nothing exciting
  4. Ran setup.exe (Run as administrator)

a variety of steps later, I choose a standard install and the only choice is “PowerPC”.

shows a list of 8 programs it needs to install and boom, on the first one it give a “Red Ball - X” and the message:

The installer engine was terminated by an unknown error. This can occur if multiple installs were run in parallel, a user sends a kill signal, or there is an operating system problem. A system reboot will usually solve the problem. Afterwards restart the installer to install your products. <OK>

Anyone having similar issues?
Anyone have a great experience where it installed just fine?


-Ted Dressel
Sleepless in Annapolis


After a few more failed attempts, I rebooted, cleared out my event logs, and tried again. One of the logs stated that the “CDROM” had multiple bad sectors.

Sure enough, inspection of the DVD showed multiple surface scratches.

Performed a DVD copy to see if a copy would work… and it did.

WindRiver is now installed! Yeah!

-Ted Dressel