Windriver LAC

I am working on installing WIND RIVER on my PC, and when I need to enter in all my personal information, the installer keeps coming up with the error Messege

The LAC you entered is invalid (with some other stuff)

I am using the LAC that was already in the space


Please reply quikly as to what i am doing wrong :slight_smile:

Yeah, I am having the same problem. I even have the same LAC…anyone know how to get around this?

I’ll throw in a " me-too" as well …

we had this same promblem, you have to restart your computer inbetween installing the first and second disk.

In the dialog where you can choose to use the computer id or the disk id for licensing, did you choose the disk id option?

I have managed to download WindRiver and make the necessary updates but I amhaving trouble creating a new C++ template for the code.I know how to make a template for regular C++ but I need to make it so that it is the FIRST template with the three phases of competition. How do I set up this kind of file? Thanks for the help.

We’re working with Wind River on the licensing problem. I’ll try to post something when I know it’s fixed.

NI is aware of this issue, and we are in contact with Wind River.

This problem should now be fixed - Wind River was able to resolve the issue with a change to their licensing servers. If anyone is still the error message, please post a message on the FIRST forums,

I am a new mentor (2 weeks) and my team is experiencing this exact problem with “invalid LAC” hang-up. The new Wind River server did not seem to help. We also have the same LAC as everyone else. Please advise. BTW, I tried posting on, but I do not have sufficient permissions. Thanks.

The old problem involved computer names containing dash characters. What is your computer name? There might be a similar problem still lurking uncorrected.

We lost our LAC and cant find a way to get windriver installed. any ideas that can help, we don’t have much time :ahh:

sorry for resing this old thread.

I’m now encountering the same problem. For reasons unrelated to FIRST, I wiped my computer to reinstall everything. Upon attempting to reinstall WindRiver, I am getting the error about an invalid LAC. Everything worked fine previously, so I’m not sure why it’s not working now. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.