Windriver not recognizing user created .cpp

We have extensively edited our .cpp file in a windriver project but none of our commands are taking place. For example we disabled all the motors but they still run when we compile and run the code. We are positive that these actions should take place from the written code. Does anyone know exactly where we need to move our .cpp file so that it will be compiled into our output file?

Do you know where the file you’re editing is?
Is it a file that was already included in some sample project?
Are you editing inside Workbench, using a Workbench editor, or outside?

We are editing using windriver it is myrobot.cpp from the simple template sample project which is the project we are compiling. It is in the workspace folder in windriver as part of the project

Then it would seem most likely that you haven’t correctly deployed the new DKM – that is, it’s probably being built okay, it’s just not actually running on your bot.

I think you might benefit from watching this online video.