WindRiver purchase

I was looking at buying a copy of WindRiver to use on my personal laptop, but I wanted it to be the same WindRiver that is used by First. I went to the WindRiver website, but I saw there were several different versions to choose from. Which one should I use?

I have a question also can u install the copy of Windriver from first onto your personal laptop and then install it on the team laptop? PLEASE HELP THANKS!!!

I think all FIRST teams have something like 25 licenses of LabVIEW/Wind River, so I’d just say go ahead and install that on your personal laptop. Don’t bother buying it from WindRiver though, that probably won’t be particularly helpful.

You do not want to buy this for personal use. It is many thousands of dollars. Just use one of the licenses that Wind Rover donates to your FIRST team.

I know that it is expensive; however, which version would I use? My team does not allow us to install WindRiver on personal computers.

The cRIO FRC uses VxWorks 6.3.

That seems like an antiproductive (and unenforceable) policy. Can you elaborate on the reasoning for this? The license doesn’t forbid it, and the owner of a personal computer can decide for him or herself what to install. How does “the team” not allow you to do it? (That’s a real question, not a rhetorical one.)

At my team’s build space, there are computers. Windriver is installed only on those computers. They do not give us the disks to use. I really don’t know why they won’t let us install it on our personal computers, though.