Windriver + Subclipse + Proxy

Hey CD,

How does one configure Windriver (Subclipse in specific) to use a http proxy? My school blocks all outgoing communications unless its filtered through their proxy, so this is obviously pretty important. After searching all over the internet, people seem to say to edit “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Subversion\servers” to include the proxy. I, however, am not used to using windows and can not find the file. (I’m a Linux/Mac user running Windriver through VMWare).

How have you all configured proxies?


I don’t use the tools you’re asking about, so I can’t give you an answer that is guaranteed to be correct. From my general knowledge of Windows, though, I can probably nudge you in the correct direction. The word “User” in the path needs to be replaced with the user name of the currently logged on user, or with the special “all users” name if the software is installed so that everyone can use it.

With VMWare what you should be able to do is just bridge the networking. So VMWare should take up all that proxy settings and allow the VM to connect to a regular network inside VMWare, and VMWare should take care of that proxy stuff at the OS-level…