Windriver WPILib Build Issues

So we have been trying to get a program up and running for the robot. Unfortunately we have run into a little snag. Whenever we try to build the program it stops at

include “WPILib.h”

Our theory behind this is that the subdirectories of C:/windriver/vxworks-6.3/target/h are not included in the build path. WPILib.h is in one of the subdirectories. Has anyone else run into this problem? Does anyone know how to set it so that the build paths are recursive?

Not sure if this is just formatting you used for your post on this forum, but there should be no space between # and include, example:

#include "WPILib.h"

Here’s a piece of our in-house documentation regarding the proper build paths:

  1. Switch to the Build Paths tab
    Add the following Include directories under Include paths
  1. Switch to the Libraries tab
    Add the following Library directives under Libraries

EDIT: If neither of these solutions are working, please post the full build error you are receiving.

Well, that did the trick. Thanks