I’m having problems with downloading an older C++ project to the new WindRiver of 2010
Can anyone help?
The build process just hangs there, no matter what you do. The workspace is in the same position and it can’t build the source code and the necessary .out files. We used the guide. PDF, I think, some were we done some thing wrong.
We received a warning: setup\bin\ Proxy license can’t be located.
Our question is if we should copy our old 2009 C-code some were, we coped all the folder of our code to windriver \Workspace
This is really stopping us from letting us do ANYTHING. Any help would be much appreciated.
Team 1946

It sounds like you’ve moved your source code files to another location on your hard drive. If so you might need to redirect WindRiver WorkBench to the new location. That or put them back where they were.

The simplest way I could think of to keep last year’s code was to copy the .cpp files we changed to an archive folder. After doing this I’ve continued making changes to the old files in WindRiver.

Hi Joe
Thank you for your advice, that exactly what’s happened. It took from me 3 hours. But it is nice

Using a Run/Debug Configuration in Workbench works perfect. This loads the program into the cRIO RAM memory and allows it to run either with or without the debugger. When the robot is rebooted, the program will no longer be in memory.
Deploy the program through the FIRST Downloader option in Workbench NO COD
I figure that today when I open Window preferences to choose the file

It is working with Deploy
Team 1946

This thread only applies to beta teams, correct?

Yes it is