Windseeker Mechanism

Hey I was wondering how the wind seeker from Canada’s wonderland spins 360 as well as moves vertically?

So basically the spinning chair part rides on a carriage that moves up and down. Mounted on the carriage is a motor and literally a car tire that spins the whole chair+ arm assembly around on the vertical carriage via friction. This means they don’t have the issue of sending power to the part that’s spinning and having to deal with a cable getting wound up or a large, complex and high maintenance slip ring. The Carriage operates the same way as an elevator would, inside the tower is a counterweight that moves up and down via a pulley system. Then they only have to supply a small amount of power to overcome friction to get the carriage to move up and down. Power is transferred to the carriage via a cable chain like the one that comes in the KOP from igus.

They do use a small slip ring mounted on the carriage to power lights on the chair+arm assembly but since it’s a relatively small amount of power the amount of complexity needed is rather small.