Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional

The Sabre Bytes, FRC Team 772 (77WHO?!) are happy to announce that we, along with WEtech Alliance, and many sponsors, have brought a FRC Regional Competition to Windsor-Essex, located directly across from Detroit.

The Regional will take place April 3rd-5th at The University of Windsor’s, St.Dennis Center.

This past year 772 has been working very close with WEtech Alliance to get more FRC Teams, more FLL teams, and our ultimate goal was to get an official FRC event in Windsor. We now have over 13 FRC teams in the area (still to sign up), many FLL teams, a FLL Tournament this Fall (Held at St.Clair College), and a FRC Regional Competition. We have surpassed our goals and are extremely proud of our accomplishments.

With the Regional being so close to the Ambassador Bridge (the border of Canada and USA) we hope to see a lot of American teams. To get to the regional from the USA you get off the bridge and turn left at the McDonalds. Yes, it is that simple. Rumours have been going around that Ontario and other parts of Canada will become a District Competition soon (like next year), so this may be the final year any teams can compete here, and Windsor-Essex is a great competition to go to as it is so close and easy to get to for American teams.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors and to FIRST Canada for selecting Windsor-Essex as the location for a new Regional.

Here are some media sources of the announcement today:

CTV Local News

WE Tech Article

Windsor-Essex FIRST Website

I will try and post more later, though they may be lost in the thread.

Here’s an acticle from our local New Paper

Folks, For more information about the FRC Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional in April 2014 (Week 6) as well as the FLL Tournament on November 30 2013 please go to .

Please spread the word. We will need local volunteers so the website has ways to have people let us know that they can assist. Spread the word, and we look forward to welcoming everyone.

Michael Drouillard

I’ll need to wait and see what the Michigan District schedule looks like, but I’d love to come out and volunteer. I’ve been looking to branch out and go outside Michigan once this year, so Windsor would be awesome.

Everyone on Team 1114 is very excited by the rapid growth of FIRST in the Windsor area. Still waiting on the regional schedule to be finalized, but we’re really hoping that we can fit in a trip to the inaugural Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional!

So I just signed up to volunteer using the Signup Genius form on your website, do I also need to submit an application through VIMS? I tried to do that, but I couldn’t find a link for this event on the VIMS site.

I noticed on the “What’s Going on in my Area” page of the FIRST website, Windsor is listed as in “Ontario”, whereas all the pre-existing Ontario events are listed as “ON.” Thus when you just search for Ontario Windsor doesn’t shot up.

North Bay is doing the same thing.

Not sure if it’s the same thing in VIMS though.