Wings 3D - Free CAD/Animation program that converts to 3ds

Hey all you animation freaks heres another program to put under your belt. This is Wings 3D, it allows you manipulate Geometric shapes in Free hand. The program has its limits it can only manipulate geo shapes and there is no library of FIRST items like wheels and gears (like AutoCAD), But the program is only 3 mb and can print out files to *.3ds format. Our team has found it really great becasue now we don’t have to ‘N’ copies of autoCAD, as well as 3ds so our team can now freely experiment with ideas in the real-time enviorment. Plus Now our animation team can send some of the Brut labor to other people and get a basic render down and then send it to the 3ds guys to touch it up. If you want to see what it can do, I’ll try and post a picture soon.

Visit to get the software. Great for beginning animators!

I just downloaded this and it does work really well for basic downloads. This program is quite possibly worthy of my (just invented) Download of the Year Award. I could see schools using this to teach students basic modelling, especailly schools like mine without animation courses.


The photos are now up in the Gallery

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More photos will be up soon, in the mean time our new website is up and we will have pics very soon.

I have used wings 3d before its very easy to use and best of all FREE! I use it some times in designing aircraft for a flight sim called X-Plane. I know there are good ones out there like AC3D(, Blender(, and GMax( ).You can find plugins on the net that will convert models made in these apps to 3DS MAX. AC3D has an converter built in the last time I checked.

Here are some expamples of a fantasy senery project made in AC3D

This aircraft is unfinished but many parts of it was built in Ac3d

Here is a example of a A340 cockpit in Blender.

I dont’ know what my guys used last year, but I know team 103 used some type of program to take the inventor robot and put it straight to the animation

You can find plugins over the net that will do that. I trired this form a previous poster.

m new to the site.i am a C.A.D technician by proffession mainly dealing in CAD 3D and Solid modelling m planiing to branch off mechanical engineering to animation stuff.i would be really greatful if you can give me tips on animation.if you need tips on CAD 3D will give you