Wings Over Camarillo 2 day Off-Season in CA [Canceled]


Want to see the WALL OF FIRE again while competiing at one of the 1st off season competitions in the state? If you have not seen it, it’s definitly something you will not want to miss. Information on the event, registration, and volunteer sign ups for the Wings over Camarillo off season competition is coming soon.



I was disappointed I missed the first wall of fire. That’s a great photo, and it’s great to hear that the wall of fire will be back.


woohoo! I on the edge of my seat waiting for details

Hopefully not during matches… might mess with vision systems.

What is the wall of fire? I’m very intrigued.


Hope your team will attend. Look for more information start of next week.

Don’t worry about vision, worry about the heat frying your electrical system!!!
Hope your team can attend.

This looks like a blast! 3512 hasn’t attended before, but I’m hoping to change that this fall!


See photo.

Also assume there may be sporadic bombings, dogfights, and other miscellaneous interesting distractions outside. Last time High Tide almost got blown away by an F18’s exhaust.

I see the photo, I honestly have no idea what I’m looking at lol. It doesn’t look real tbh, it feels like something out of an action movie.

100% real. I was there last time they ran this. It’s exactly what it’s described as. This is sort of “late in the wall” as it takes a couple seconds to get a camera going. Videos are about the only way to to it justice. (Also. Scares the you-know-what out of you if you don’t know it’s coming.)

IIRC, there was a rumor going around last time that the authorities got a sudden surge of 911 calls from the nearby freeway, people thinking there was a fire/accident. Well, uh… There WAS a fire… and it was intentional. Pyrotechnics really spice up an event.

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Had such an amazing time in 2019, can’t wait to sign up this year. HighTide has three robots ready to go!


Yeah, during matches. That photo is from “the big one” but there were plenty throughout the day.
The pressure waves rattled the open hangar pretty well. Here’s a vid of one of the smaller ones.
(slow loading Google photos video)


@Aaron691 When will details be announced about the event? Will they be announced here? Our team is definitely interested in participating (compete and volunteer)

Within 48 hours

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The Gold Coast Robotics Alliance is very happy to announce the second annual Wings Over Camarillo (WoC) 2 day off-season event on Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, 2021 at the Camarillo Airport. Load-in will be Friday, August 20 in the afternoon. NOTE: we may be able to extend the dates to include a practice day on Friday August 20 with load in on Thursday August 19. The competition will take place in an aircraft hanger as part of the Wings Over Camarillo air show. Teams will compete in the FRC 2020/2021 game Infinite Recharge on a full competition field.


  • Due to the expected strong interest of teams wanting to attend this competition we are limiting attendance to teams from Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties only. We will widen inclusion to additional counties should we have availability.
  • The Alliance has decided to prioritize registration to those teams who did not have an opportunity to compete with their robots during the 2020 season. Should we have more teams registering than pits available we will pick teams via a blind drawing of teams names. If your team did compete during the 2020 season and your team wants to attend WoC, you may submit a registration form and will be considered should we have room or cancellations.
  • Registration will be limited to one robot per team to maximize the number of teams able to compete and prevent overcrowding of the pit area. Pit areas will be closed to the public and teams will be limited to a specific number of persons in each pit.
  • As we did during our first competition the registration cost will be NOTHING!!!. We gratefully thank Wings Over Camarillo and their generous sponsors for underwriting the cost of this competition.
  • Wings over Camarillo is a paid entry air show however each registered team will be allowed to bring a specific number of team members and mentors at no cost. This number will be determined at a later date and announced to those teams attending. Additional team members and guests may attend however they will be required to purchase entry tickets to do so.
  • The Wings over Camarillo air show and off-season competition will adhere to all California State and local Covid regulations and requirements. Due to Covid regulations continuing to change on a frequent basis we will post updates as they become available.

Registration is open and teams can complete a registration form located on our website at

We are very excited to be competing again and look forward to seeing everyone in person this August!


Where do volunteers sign up?

Volunteer information will be coming out around mid June and will be posted here in the and same thread as the event details.

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sad San Diego noises

For anyone looking to attend though, we had a great time in 2019 and highly recommend people check it out! The wall of fire is as cool as it looks here, but make sure your drivers have nerves of steel so they keep their cool while bombs are going off outside.


The mic really didn’t pick up the volume here, but it shakes the whole venue. It’s amazing.