Wings over Camarillo 20-21 August 2022 FRC/FTC/FLL Demonstration

The Gold Coast Robotics Alliance is very happy to announce the 3rd annual Wings Over Camarillo (WoC) 2 day demonstration event on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21, 2022 at the Camarillo Airport. Load-in will be Friday, August 19 in the afternoon.

The demonstration event will take place in an aircraft hanger as part of the Wings Over Camarillo air show. Teams will compete in the FRC 2021/2022 game Rapid React.

Information on the event, registration, and volunteer sign ups for the Wings over Camarillo FRC demonstration is coming very soon.

Registration cost will be NOTHING!!!. We gratefully thank Wings Over Camarillo and their generous sponsors for underwriting the cost of this demonstration.

Wings over Camarillo is a paid entry air show however each registered team will be allowed to bring a specific number of team members and mentors at no cost. This number will be determined at a later date and announced to those teams attending. Additional team members and guests may attend however they will be required to purchase entry tickets to do so.

The Wings over Camarillo air show and off-season competition will adhere to all California State and local Covid regulations and requirements. Due to Covid regulations continuing to change on a frequent basis we will post updates as they become available.

We are very excited to be at WOC again and look forward to seeing everyone in person this August!!



Heard so much about this event from team members over the years, 2102 will be there if we can. Everyone always told me that it was amazing and their videos of it always backed it up:

It is a fun time a pretty relaxing event, with ample time for teams to walk around and enjoy the aircraft. Hope to see you there as this doubles as a great opportunity to train new team members :grinning:

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Link to the form for all FIRST FRC teams to apply to be at WOC:

DCS_GCRA is the ticket discount code for Friends and Family

Commemoritive Aurforce Museum 455 Aviation Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

Will you need volunteers for this event?

Have you determined if, for FRC, you’ll be running an official field, wood elements, or something? I know it was TBD last I checked.

Yes to volunteers, we can never have too many of them! As for field/field elements, we will have a modified field perimeter, but we will be using an official center hub and climber elements.

For volunteers and teams planning to attend, load-in and setup is expected to be starting around 9am.

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Volunteer signup form somewhere? Did I miss it?

That should be posted very soon. In the interim time, you can email me direct with names, team affiliation (if any), and the dates and times people want to volunteer. We will be providing breakfast, lunches, water and snacks for all volunteers.

[email protected]

Will there be an acceptance message, or is there another situation on that front?

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