Winnovation 1625 2010

Winnovation 2010
6 wheel coaxial swerve drive
adjustable shooter
gas shock powered lift arm
front roller and vacuum with suction cups

Wow, you actually pulled off a 6WD swerve. I am going to have to see this at Midwest. Can’t wait.

How is are the wheels grouped? R/L power, F/M/R steer?

the power is grouped right side and left side. all of the wheels are steered together.

I just love all of the awesome drivetrains that are coming out this year. Does the six wheel swerve drive let you get over the bump, or did you build it for a different reason?

6wd swerve!:ahh: mind blown.

Cool Robot!

It looked like your kicker extended past the bumper perimeter?

It does go over the bump, just not that gracefully.
unless completely necessary we will probably opt for the tunnel

It’s so strange to see a small bot after last years tank! This one drives like a champ (however that was absolutely expected)! Gorgeous, guys.

Crazy crazy crazy. It looks awesome!


With the center 2 wheels added, you seriously limit yourself in traversing the bump.
Why did you choose 6 wheel over 4 wheel swerve drive?

having the extra 2 wheels allows us to keep our CG down lower and fixes the major issue with a swerve, rotating the robot.
the center wheels are dropped like any other 6 wheel drive robot.

This looks frighteningly similar to our robot, from the swerve drive to the cam kicker, all the way up to the off-center numbers on the front bumper!
Your hanging mechanism is decidedly epic.
How far does it kick?

It has adjustable tension on the kicker, so it can score anywhere from right in front of the goal to the other side of the field.

I could have sworn one of you guys told me you’d never ever do a 6wd swerve… sneaky sneaky.

Looks extremely impressive, not what I expected from you guys this year. I’m just glad I don’t have to compete against it 3 events in a row!

Aren lied and told me they wouldn’t do a 6w swerve either.

Didn’t expect anything less from you guys. Highly impressive.

:stuck_out_tongue: not my fault when people start guessing at a secret prototype 6wd swerves come up. I’m allowed to be sneaky

So I am guessing that the letters “6WSD” were hidden into your hint #1.

Also, What motor are you using to turn all 6 modules?

yes we did hide those letters in the light of Hint #1.
we are using 2 window motors to turn the wheels.

Very cool as expected. The 6 wheel serve is just like you told me it would be :cool:

Unlike last year, I am very impressed with your robot from the teaser, even though the video doesn’t show the robot score from longer than like 4 feet. The drivetrain and lifter is just sick.

Look foward to watching in dominate in Midwest.

Nice work! Awesome drive and poowerful kick!

See you in a week.