Winter Cleaning

I’ve gone through and done some quick cleanup this morning. I removed a bunch of users who didn’t confirm their email address or who haven’t logged into the site in over a year. All users had zero posts and haven’t logged in for 365 days.

I also went through and did the normal seasonal “close all old threads”. We do this so that old threads don’t creep up mid-season, and confuse everybody. Here is the blurb from last year’s announcement:

In order to prevent the confusion that usually happens with new rules, game play, robots, and forum members, we have archived old, inactive posts from last year. I went through and read all 33,000 threads and closed any that didn’t have any replies since April 1, 2005. OK, I lie; I wrote a script to do it automagically.

  The threads had to reside in one of these forums:      *Thanks and/or Congrats, Rules/Strategy, 3D Animation and Competition, Regional Competitions, Chairman's Award, Championship Event, Technical Discussion, Scouting, Programming, Motors, Electrical, Pneumatics, Kit & Additional Hardware, Computer Graphics, CAD/Inventor, Robot Showcase, Website Design/Showcase, Educational Robotics, IT / Communications, Control System, and FIRST Lego League, and Game Design.*

Some threads that were closed may have been general, and not season-specific, so if you need a thread opened to continue the discussion, please contact a moderator. If it is not a candidate to be re-opened, you can always refer to the post in a new thread, and nobody will yell at you too much for duplicating a thread.

  Friendly reminder #1: **Search before you post!**
  Friendly reminder #2: **"Does this post contribute to the discussion?"

**Friendly reminder #3: **Clear and straightforward thread titles good! Vague thread titles bad!