Winter Storm Nemo

Winter Storm Nemo is on its way with record setting snowfall, guaranteed to make this weekend tough for many northeast FRC teams.

Info on Nemo:

The Navy base where our build site is located will close tomorrow at noon. We have no indication as to when it will open again. It’s tough to lose build time so close to bag day.

How do you expect your team to be impacted?

We’re in north-east N.J. We’re have been planning on meeting after school today and tomorrow until 10, Saturday from 9am-5pm, and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. No updates due to the storm yet, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t snow much, and that the janitors at our high school are able to clean up the parking lot quickly. Even if we have a snow day for school, if the janitors are present and the roads/parking lot are clear, we can come in to work. So, it could be a good thing…I hope :ahh:

As of right now, they’re saying 4-8 inches for us.

P.S. Since when do they name snow storms? 0.o

We’re only expecting about a foot of snow, so it shouldn’t impact us.

our robot this year has many precise parts, and ALOT of them. This means that we need every hour right now. In the words of one of our mentors, “were in deep doo-doo.” our school will most likely not allow anyone at the school Friday and we don’t know about Saturday. We might be forced to start working on Sundays now.

Its something forecasters have been doing the past year or so, they’re trying to get people to take snow storms a bit more seriously.

We’re in Central Massachusetts and we’re expecting 18-24 inches. There is a huge chance that we won’t have school tomorrow and are likely not going to be able to go into school on Saturday either. So we’re going to lose one day and swap Saturday for Sunday. Since it’s crunch time, we have meetings everyday but Sunday, so we’re just swapping those days this week, I guess. c:

I’m in sunny Florida and expecting 0-0 inches of the white stuff.

In the past (when I lived somewhere with weather) when faced with snow delays we took the time to focus on other aspects that didn’t require access to our facility. We also developed action plans on how to move forward given the change in circumstances.

Boston is ‘supposed’ to be getting the worst of this storm which is not great news for us. I’ve seen forecasts for between 24-36" over tomorrow and Saturday.

Obviously this is not ideal with build season winding down… we’ll find a way though, always do.


We are on Long Island and expect anywhere from 6" to 18". Right now, we can’t go into our workshop since our school district is not letting us so we have to find something else to make this work otherwise we lose 2 days of build.

Blame the Weather Channel

We’re in San Diego and what’s snow? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a good thing, in my opinion. It’ll help bring awareness to what can be some very dangerous conditions.

and of course they don’t mind the website and tv hit spikes when a big storm with a name comes rolling through…

The return of the Feb 2010 Snowmageddon?

We aren’t planning for much snow (3-6 inches) but just in case, we may take the robot to a mentors house for the weekend.

Our team is in the 24+ section. Right now the school will be closed Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday.

I think a few of us will get together to finalize the design of the last mechanisms and plan out the leftover work so once we get back up and running it is all speed ahead.

A bigger question is if the machinists at our sponsors shop will be able to make the trip up from Boston to make parts. If not we are in big trouble.

1058 is not happy at all about this storm. The amount of snow we are getting could mean the loss of a whole weekend during build (we live in southeast NH). This could throw a big wrench in our plan for finishing our robot on time this year. To the team’s not affected by the storm, consider yourselves lucky. To the team’s not affected by the storm: do what you can to work, but not at the cost of driving in bad conditions, the last thing we want is for someone to get hurt over building a robot.

Stay safe everyone!

As of approximately an hour ago, 157’s lost our whole weekend. We do not have school tomorrow nor do we are we allowed to be in our school (our build site) on Saturday or Sunday.

Guess we’ll have to make due with tonight!

Hey Jay can both our teams crash Mike’s shop for the weekend and collaborate the remainder of our robots! :wink:

But then all of the secrets of our robot will be exposed!:stuck_out_tongue: We’re lucky to have a possible place to go instead of our school, since the school will close, hopefully the roads won’t get too bad!