Winter War Zone thanks and congrats

On behalf of RAGE team 173 I would first like to thank Aces High team 176 for putting on another great scrimmage this year. We enjoy it every year.

Next I would like to congratulate teams 177, 230, and 195 for putting up a great fight in the finals those were some fun matches to watch.

Finally I would just like to thank team 716 for choosing us for the finals, and then I would like to thank team 1784 for rounding out our alliance. Together we managed to pull of an incredible win. It was quite amazing to watch the kind of play that occurred today, and this was just a scrimmage. Gotta love New England, one of the best competition areas around. Can’t wait for UTC, and I may go up to BAE and will almost definitely make a stop at Boston, just to watch the incredible game play.

I would also like to congratulate/thank FIRST on putting forward one of the toughest games to date. It was more then a pleasure to watch, even though some of us got pegged with balls a few times…

On behalf of Team 1784, I would like to thank the Aces High team 176 for hosting the event. Since we are rookies and this was our first major event, we learned a great deal from the scrimmage. Our drivers/coaches had been so busy with building the robot we hadn’t had time to study the strategy of the game in detail. This experience was invaluable to us. Thanks again.

To teams 177, 230, and 195 - we appreciate the opportunity to ‘battle’ with us. Those were some fun final rounds.

And to the RAGE Team 173 and our friends at Housy 716 - thank you so much for chosing us in the finals. I was surprised that we were picked since we are a rookie team…but you both helped us with our technical glitches and with our software coding and we are eternally grateful to you both for the help and experience.


I also want to thank Aces High for hosting this event. What a great way to start the competition season.

Thank you Teams 177, 230 and 195. I look forward to seeing you in Hartford.

And for Teams 173 and 1784, thanks. We go to the scrimmage to test our robot, our code and most importantly our drivers. I was running trials to pick my lead drivers right through finals. Having strong partners is always a plus!

Winter Warzone was a blast!

Thank you to everyone who helped out at the event, as well as attended. It was a great time and the competition was very exciting.

Special thank you to all the new NERDS out there who made thier presense very known! This is what we need.

Question to the Gaelhawks…did you guys archive the webcast? Or did anyone?

Andy Grady

The Bobcats appreciate the thanks Andies, Jon and Spark. We look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks at the UTC New England regional.