Winter War Zone/UTC Scrimmage February 18

Team 176 is hosting the annual Winter War Zone (UTC Scrimmage) on February 18, from 9:00-4:00 in Suffield, CT. Team 230 will be webcasting this event. :slight_smile:

Could all teams attending the scrimmage please reply here? I’m trying to form a list since I couldn’t find one on 176’s site…

More information here:

See everyone in a week or so! :wink:

177 will be there.

This event is now known as the Winter War Zone, and there will be a NEMO meeting at it - all mentors are invited to attend, please e-mail me and I will send further details.
looking forward to seeing everyone in Suffield!

Team 0000 will be there! I’m really excited to see the first-run of this game. Stop by and say hi!

RAGE Team 173 will be in attendance… hopefully… assuming we have a robot finished…

It’s too soon… :ahh: …we’re not ready…but Rosie will be there. On time and under budget. As usual.

Hey Jess, I’ll be there. You better say hi to me, since I haven’t seen you in like… forever.

I’ll be there takin’ vid for my team for analysis of match structure, and robot designs.

Yes, that’s right; pre-ship scouting at it’s finest.

571 is planning on attending…whether or not we will have a completed robot is another question altogether!

195 will be there…if we finish!

New rule definitions are no fun :rolleyes:

I’m pretty sure 228 is going.

Well, at least the team will come. As for the robot, that is another story. :wink:

Hopefully we’ll have our robot there. :cool:

195’s real robot will be there for the first time ever. :ahh:

yes, I am a member of Team 0000 and I will be there, too! how many other Team 0000’s will be there?

is there anyone on team 176 that has a full list of the teams attending and could please post it here? thanks. :smiley:

These are the teams that I believe have registered to attend:

thaank you!

Is that only because you got kicked out of your HS on Saturday for the Cogan Computer fair? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Will there be a webcast of this scrimmage?

Yes team 230 will be webcasting our event. We’ve had a great turn out so far and we hope to see all of you there! 4 days left and who’s done?? :stuck_out_tongue: ACES High sends out all of our thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for all the teams in attendance. We are looking forward to a great day!

Here is the weblink. We should have a link from the home page-

Please give us feedback as we are hosting the Webcast for the United Technologies New England Regional during week 2. If we can improve- we will!

Special Thanks to 176 for setting this up each year. for those not from the area- this is also a dryrun for FIRST as we are testing an actual FIRST field and the electronics and tonight we actually read the instuctions!!! Making sure the steps all made sence and there was nothing missing. Yes this is a Scrimmage for all aspects of the event and should benefit everyone in FIRST.

If you are there, make sure you send a thanks to 176 members and all the FIRST personel in attendance.

For those of you trying to finish your robots and in our case working hard to drop a few pounds- I hope you enjoy the webcast!

Team 38 will be there again this year!!!

*yes we are still working on the bot at the moment but it will be up and running =D