wire channeling system

is there an effective and neat wiring system?
there was some cool tubing we saw with holes on i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it was.

I have to say one of the better guides ive seen, to various wire organization methods, was on a computer modding site. Take a look, it might have what you’re looking for. It lists common methods, their pros, and their cons. We might be able to pinpoint what you are looking for if you can describe the tubing with more detail. Also it would help to know where you saw it.

here’s a fun way to channel wires.

Take a section of PVC pipe from last year’s tetra and drill holes about 2" apart for the length of the pipe. Now, cut the pipe in half for the length of the pipe section thuis creating one “bottom half” with the side holes and one “top” half.

Bolt the “bottom-half” to your robot chassis and run wires, having them poke out of the side drilled holes as needed to rout to/from the components. When done, tie-wrap on the top half of the pipe tube.

That split loom is great. We used it on our 2005 robot, and it really cleaned up all the cables we had running to our controller. The only problem we had with it is that it can become difficult if you have to bend it, with wires popping out sometimes.

Wank, try This Page in the Mouser Catalog, for example. The Panduit company specializes in stuff like this, Mouser also carries 3M. Also try www.digikey.com, or maybe even Google, with the search term Wire Management or Wire Ducting.


The best is zip tying.

Plan out a central channel for all the wires to converge. Drill holes around the channel. Put zip ties through them after you get all the wires in. Not too tight though, if you want to later easily remove or add wires.

Given a choice though, I would prefer the split loop or spiral wrap just because it makes a tighter package that allows for a better looking electrical system.

Have you looked at the igus catalog. They included some free samples in the kit of parts and have a program supporting BEST and FIRST robotics teams.


Here is the link to echain products

My personal favorite is cable braiding. It’s a pain to put in new cables once it’s all done but wow does it look nice! And it’s extremely good at protecting cables and you can easily run cables out of it anywhere in any direction.

I suggest you take a look at any of team 968’s robots if you want to see the most beautifully wired robots ever.

I would suggest the spiral wrap because:

– it is more flexible and easier to keep the wire in, especially if you have the heavier gauge wires.

– Also when you branch a wire out of it it doesnt split open and give the small wires a chance to get out.

– You only need one size.