wire question

Hey guyz, I cannot find an exact rule for this, so maybe u know.

for some motors they want 16 guage wire, however I used 10 at the time, now electrically this makes no difference, as the wire is more then enough to handle the load, and the breaker will go before the wire, however is this legal. From what i can figure out it IS legal.

Of Course, it’s OK. The things that come into play here is whether you can stand the added weight of #10 for this application, can you get it where it needs to go easily and can you get it attached to the motor without having it falling off during competition. We solder our connections where we can and a #10 wire on small motors can tend to rip the terminals off the motor if not secured to the motor housing. Dress them along the body of the motor and add a few tywraps.
Good Luck All