Wire Questions

Hey everyone, I just have a couple questions about wiring our robot.

When the rulebook says that I need to use 20AWG or larger diameter wire, does that mean i should use a larger diameter wire (for example, 16AWG), or larger numbered wire (for example, 22AWG)?

Also, does it make a difference if I use stranded or solid wire?

Thanks everyone!

Yes, when they say larger, they mean diameter, NOT gage number.

I strongly suggest using stranded wire. Solid wire is more likely to break, since the robot moves around. Solid wire is OK in houses, because they don’t move around much. Stranded is what you want for robots (and cars, boats, machines, etc)

Thanks! That’s what I thought, but I wanted to ask someone before I started (seeing as how I’m really new to electrical stuff…)

Thanks again!

You would do well to commit the electrical section of the Robot rules to memory. As a reminder, everyone should be checking the Team Updates and Section revisions as they may change the wire size reguirements before the ship date. Inspectors will use the latest, greatest rules for the event they are working. Hope the weather in Maple Grove is nice this weekend, I hear you have a fair amount of snow on the ground.