Wirecutter rates extension cords

I know this is the part of the year where people really evaluate and budget for their shops and pit areas. Wirecutter (whose staff includes Exploding Bacon alum James Austin) has yet to steer me wrong on anything, so if your needs include extension cords this is probably worth a read. :slight_smile:

Ironic titles aside… I’m glad I know what to buy when sabotaging other teams pits now. Remember, safety inspectors are drawn to bright colors, orange LEDs, and labels that don’t have UL markings.

Also, don’t forget to keep one end of your extension cord plugged into the other for storage… it keeps them fully charged that way.

Truth be told, if someone makes a living cutting wires, I’d probably trust them to tell me what a good extension cord is. “The one I could never cut…”

But if they are reviewing them for normal people (not professional wire cutters) to purchase, we can not be assured they are not intentionally leading us astray. Just a thought.

Black-hat and White-hat communities of extension-cord cutting reviewers? I had never considered that, but it is certainly possible!

I always like to hit up the big box stores after Christmas to grab green extension cords priced (mistakenly?) at 50% off…

Sure they’re not as rugged, but boy are they low priced.