wired communication between drivers or coaches

Rule g29 states that electronic devices may not be used that are CAPABLE of receiving or sending signals OUTSIDE of the castle. q524 asks whether powered communication devices may be used, and first said as long as its within the rules its okay. So if we came up with some system that was wired only and allowed the three drivers or drive coaches (or more) to talk to each other (using headsets) without running back and forth and shouting, would it be a useful thing that people would want to use? Especially this year, since the third alliance member is separated (a little bit) from the other two teams because of the tower in the middle. plus, unlike last year, this years game is really active and might help if the drivers were communicating non stop, (for example, there 30 seconds left, team 1 go get the boulder from the human player, team 2 go hold open a defense, and team 3 go shoot it) etc.

Just asking for your thoughts on this, and also please correct me if i misinterpreted and wired communication is not allowed (although i think it should be :smiley: )

T11 and its blue box lead me to believe that would not be allowed.

i forget, is there a piece of glass, or barrier (on the table where u put ur driver station) between two operator consoles that blocks a wire running on TOP of that tray/table?. because if there isnt than the wire connecting the two teams can be run on the table than the wire length from the table to the driver will be the same length as the controller wire…right?

would people be interested in this? or would you guys just say that its useless and a distaction?

I have to ask if you actually read T11. More particularly, T11’s blue box, first sentence. I’d have to say that the intent of T11 is being violated.

As for extending along the shelves… R94 says you’re oversized. And if you happen to make this system NOT part of the operator console, T26-1 says you’ll be having a chat with the refs and other field personnel.

I’m going to go out on a limb and figure that it’s not worth investing any more time in it. Perhaps investing in a personal PA would be better?

That makes sense, I didn’t think of that. But here’s something else that just hit me. T11 talks about tethers to the operators console. It dosen’t talk about anything else, only connections to the operators console. But this “system” wont be part of the operators console, and wont be connected to it. So is there a rule talking about standalone tethers?

Check my edited post. T26-1. Specifically, the part about connecting to an Alliance Member.

GDC seems to have thought of everything.

Where is t26-1? only t26 i found was: T26: Pit Crew members cannot be in the CASTLE during a MATCH.

I believe there is a rule that you can’t have anything that would interfere with communications from Field Personnel (Ref’s). The communications you propose would block outside noise (headsets) that would prevent you from hearing commands from the Ref’s.

This rule was in one of the q&a’s , the solution is have a one sided headset (like one of those older xbox ones)

For you, it’s Section 5.5.9, in its entirety. I believe this was updated in Team Update #1, or maybe Team Update #2–one of the really early updates–to have a rule number (T26-1). Team Update #10 is due out tomorrow.

Just as a somewhat-related note…I suggest that when you update your copy of the Manual, you take a look at G12-1, G19-1, and G40-1, as those were also added in after Kickoff.

thanks for the tip, got the new one. Ahh ya i see it now, okay. Well looks like its impossible, i was just hopeful because of q524, where first said powered communication is okay, if its within the rules. But the rules basically say its not possible.