Wired connection laptop to 2nd port on bridge ?

Just want to check, can we expect to be able to connect our laptop to the second port on the bridge as opposed to directly to the Roborio. We were unable to recently but it might have be caused by other problems. In Crio days,we did it all the time.

We want to minimize wear and tear on our Roborio ports. Also we found a bent pin in out Roborio ethernet port yesterday.

The Roborio port connects DIRECTLY to the Radio. Use the port nearest the power connector.

You can tether your DS to the other port on the radio.

Thanks Perfect

There is a USB extension cable on our robot between the roboRIO port and a handy bracket high on one of the side panels. That’s what will be used for tethering in the pit. If the programming and “real” Driver Station laptops both need to be connected at the same time, one can still go to the wireless bridge.