Wireless Android App Development

Hello there,

I’m a mentor on a brand new FTC team 11169 and was wondering if there was some way to push apps to the phone from android studio without having to disconnect the robot controller phone from all of the modules.

I did play around with attempting to do ADB over wifi, but could not get the phone to reliably talk to the PC that way. Most likely because it was already wifi direct to driver station.

If that isn’t possible, is there a cable out there that can switch from OTG to just USB extension. Google didn’t come up with anything. I’m looking to avoid the constant disconnects and reconnects when my students are testing their programs.

I have no way of confirming that this works on stock Android, but this StackOverflow thread says that Bluetooth is an option. The answer says that custom ROMs work, but this was in 2012, so it may have been implemented in stock Android by now, or it may be an option to flash CyanogenMod on your FTC phone (I don’t know if it’s FTC legal, but I’m not a cop).

Other threads that I found by googling “adb bluetooth” give some alternate information and steps.