Wireless bridge not allowing IP change

We cannot change the IP address on the wireless bridge (gaming adapter). When we enter the default IP of the adapter in a web browser, the computer is unable to connect and open the wifi-based utility. We also tried changing the IP using the set-up software that came on the included CD, but it wouldn’t allow us to change the IP to, and even when we set it too the default IP (, we were still unable to access it by that address in our internet browser.

We have:
Reset the bridge multiple times, to no effect.
Followed the manual word by word.
Followed the linksys manual word by word.
Removed all security settings from router, bridge, and laptop.
Tried different IP addresses (various default IPs used by linksys).
Tried different Ethernet cords and power cords.
Tried different computers.
Had different computer technicians from the school look at it. (They merely suggested stuff we had already tried)
Tried different internet browsers.

None of this has worked, any ideas? Any help would be very much appreciated.

I had a similar problem while trying to change the bridge IP the other day. After trying several different things for several hours I got it working.

1st, for some reason, IE is the best way to go for trying to access the device via a browser, not 100% sure about firefox, but I do know that Chrome is out.

2nd, Make sure you have the bridge connected to your computer like the directions say, Computer connected to the DS, DS to the Router and Bridge to the router

3rd, this was our problem, if you change the address of the router before you change the address of the adaptor, you can no longer access that adapter with the, or at all seeing as the default for the router ends in 250, and the max you are supposed to set the router for is 50, because changed the gateway to 10.xx.yy.4, meaning all the IP address of devices connected to the router will start with 10.xx.yy and not 192.168.1 .

The adapter must be connected to the computer through a wireless router of some kind, so if this is what you did, find a wireless router that is still in its default configuration, go through the steps to change the IP of the adapter, and reconnect it to the Router from FIRST to make sure everything works.

Hope this helps

Alright, thanks. I’ll try this as soon as i get the chance.

Okay, we managed to access the bridge via its IP address. However, after about 20 seconds, it kicked us out of the interface claiming that the “network server appears to be down.” After resetting the bridge, we managed to access it again, but we were once again kicked out. Since then we have been unable to access the bridge’s interface again. Any suggestions?

It could possibly be the router that you are using, other than that it could be a malfunctioning adapter. Other than that, I am out of theories.

every one of our components allow us to change the settings except the gaming bridge. We think we might have a faulty product>

Alright, we finally got it working with help from one of Bob Jones’s mentors. To access the set-up without it kicking us off, we had to reset it and change our LAN IP to (last number variations also work). However, once we did this it became apparent that the wireless part of the gaming adapter is fried. sigh I guess we have to get a new one anyways.