Wireless Bridge Setup [Help Needed]

We have a linkysis e1200 wireless router connected to our classmate and we are trying to connect this router wireless to the D-link wireless robot bridge. Can anyone help us figure out how to get them to communicate? Is this a dynamic IP assignment? Thanks in advance!

The Classmate will connect wirelessly directly to the DLink if setup correctly.
Adding an extra router makes it a little more complicated.
Check Getting Started with the 2012 FRC Control System for step by step directions.

IP addresses are static.
Classmate IP is set by the Driver Station application when you run it (unless you tell it not to).Classmate: (Local Area Connection-Ethernet port)[INDENT][INDENT] (wireless)
[/INDENT]DLink: AP Mode10.10.25.1
cRIO: (set automatically when you image the cRIO with the cRIO Imaging Tool)

Thank you for the help, but that was information I already knew. I’m using the router to extend the WiFi as the Classmate will most likely loose wireless signal when it is further away from me while driving at competitions. I read up on the Getting Started, and it only told me how to set up the D-Link. Any idea(s) that might help to get the router to be used to further the signal so we don’t just have our robot dead on the floor? Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

EDIT: We can already connect to run it with the Classmate, I am just trying to work on a way to use the router to expand the signal for farther distances.

Team 1025

Well, you must know that you can’t use your extra router at competition, right?

As far as using it goes, you can change your DLink to bridge mode, and set it to use the same SSID that your other router is set for. Also set them to share common bands, and keep the security settings compatible.

Here are some robot network variations you can use.

This is my first year, didn’t know. Thank you for all the help :smiley:

In competition we will only use Ethernet cables to connect our Classmates to our robots in the pits and on the fields:

  • In the pits, we are required to tether by Ethernet cable to the robot (use the extra DLink ports, so make sure you can easily get to them)
    *]On the field we will plug a field supplied Ethernet cable into our Classmates.
    We don’t use the Classmate wireless at all. The field has it’s own industrial Access Point used to wirelessly communicate with the robot DLinks.

it is needed for practice driving and practice competitions. the range of them classmate directly isn’t all that great, and at the practice comps, the boost in signal strength provided by the router well be very helpful in preventing dead/uncontrollable robots