wireless bridge troubles

We have not as of yet been able to connect to our robot while the DLink is in bridge mode. We have acquired a Cisco E1200 wireless router and set its IP to the correct IP of our robot. We need help else we will be unable to use bridge mode in competition, which I’m sure will be a slight issue.


To connect to the robot for practice, put the D-Link in AP mode. You will need to use Bridge mode at competition, but you can use AP mode for practice.

Check out this document on page 29 for configuration instructions.

We had been doing in it AP for awhile now. Suppose we’ll just keep doing that then. Thank you.


When the router is in AP mode it is acting as an access point and can send and recieve signals by itself. When it is in Bridge mode it will try to connect to an Access Point (or AP) and then form the connection between the robot and the driver station (hence the term bridge). You only use bridge mode during competiton.

The D-Link will likely be configured automatically based on your team number at a special robot router programming kiosk at your competition. You won’t have to do anything special besides switching it to Bridge mode and holding the reset button while plugging it in at the kiosk.

On a somewhat related note. Is there a definitive way to connect the 5V power to the Bridge. There is a 5V output on the PDB, and also a 12V/5V adapter.

The 5V output on the PDB is reserved for the camera. The dedicated 12V output to the left of the 24V cRio output should be used to power the 12V-5V converter to the radio. The 12V and 24V outputs at the bottom of the PDB are protected circuits and will be the last to drop voltage in the event you have a low battery.

This year’s kiosk that they were running in Nashua is even easier, no need to reset the radio at all before you use it (and seemed to only take ~1 min which is what I remember from last year).

Same thing in CT. It was really nice this year. Just put it in Bridge mode, plug in power/ethernet, enter your team number, and click go. The config tool did all the resetting for you.

Yes, it’s defined in rule <R42B>.