Wireless Classmate

Has anyone successfully ran their robot without the router hard wired to the classmate? My team is wanting to be able to move the driver station around freely and drive the robot (extension cords are really getting annoying).

(bascially router would just sit in the corner wirelessly connected to the robot and classmate)

Austin Echsner

3138 had it set up to work at one time, but we found it very inconsistent and we never tried to get it working better. Your classmate’s IP should automatically set to what is needed to connect to the robot’s network without any changes. Just open your network setting on the classmates admin login and connect to the network named your team’s number. You could always run the driver station and dashboard under the admin login too so that if you have any problems you don’t have to logout to troubleshoot them. Also, if you just want to be portable you could wire the router to run off of a battery, it runs off 12v.

If you have the rookie router (WRT160N) it’s already set up so that the classmate can connect to it. If you have the veteran router (WRT610N), it needs to be configured to turn on the 2.4ghz radio, so that the classmate can connect to it.

Once you have the classmate connected wirelessly, you can replace the bridge on the robot with the router.

We have done this regularly with our robot. Using the veteran radio, I setup both the 5 GHz channel and the 2.4 GHz channel to the same SSID (not sure if the SSID matters) and the router was able to bridge the connections. The only problem is the DS program does not setup the wireless IP automatically, so that has to be done manually. We have had no stability problems with this, and it has actually worked better than wired for us because of our ethernet port being broken

If you want to go even more portable, the router can use the bridge power and be put on the robot, or if you (like us) cannot fit the bridge on your bot, the router uses the same power supply shape as the IFI OIs, so you could sacrifice one of those and put battery connectors on it (we already had one like that). As long as you keep it near the bot, full wireless shouldn’t be a problem

We’ve driven with the router in place of the gaming adapter and just used the Classmate’s wireless to connect to the router and it works fine. Please note we’ve used the old router (I believe the poster below missed a number, I’m pretty sure it’s a WRT610N) and didn’t have to configure anything. YMMV.

They’re are many ways to do so, the simplest is to replace the bridge with the router. Or you can have the bridge connect to the G network and do the same with the classmate

As Isaac501 had said, if you place the router on the robot in place of the gaming adapter and plug the robot into one of the ports, not the internet port, you can just wirelessly connect to the router on the robot and control it very easily. and i believe that the power source for the gaming adapter is the same as the router so its just a quick switch, not positive on this i use my own router.

I have done it on a WRT54GS running DD-WRT before as our teams Linksys WRT610N managed to get sent down to the basement of our school a few weeks prior to a demo. So as long as your classmate can connect it will work fine. For testing we used personal computers most of the time and we always did it via wireless.

I don’t recollect any latency issues either with it set up in this method.

The layout was roughly:

Robot - (5 to 10 feet) - Classmate - (10 feet) Router in corner plugged in.

Our team has used the router in place of the gaming adapter on our robot since the end of competition. It works great for events because no external power is required when running the classmate off it’s internal battery. The older router has the same power requirements and plug as the gaming adapter.


We ended up sitting the router in the corner and the wireless worked great!!

Austin Echsner