Wireless communication during the matches

Ok, I’d like a clarification.

Definition of component

A robot part in its most basic configuration, which cannot be disassembled without damaging or destroying the part, or altering its fundamental function.

<R53> has been quoted but does not seem to apply.

<R57> The use of additional electronics is intended to allow teams to construct custom circuits for their robots.
The custom circuits may be used to indirectly affect the robot outputs by providing enhanced sensor feedback
to the Robot Controller to allow it to more effectively decide how to control the robot. In addition to the
required branch power circuit breaker, smaller value fuses may be incorporated in the custom circuits for
additional protection. All outputs from the custom circuits must be connected to the analog inputs, digital
I/O, TTL Serial Port, or Program Port on the Robot Controller.

<R59> Custom Circuits may not:
• Be used for wireless communication, such as sending or receiving a signal to and/or from the alliance

So, the way that I’m reading this is that a bluetooth serial port is a component that may be connected to the program port. It is not a custom part which by R59 may not be used for wireless communication.

An inquiring mind wants to know a definitive answer. What rule prohibits a bluetooth serial port from connecting to the programming serial port? :smiley:

I don’t see how rule R59 doesn’t apply - the bluetooth serial port is not stock IFI, therefore a custom circuit. Custom circuits can’t be used for wireless communication on the field. Looks like you’re out of luck. There’s always Q&A if you’re really unsure…

<R59> doesn’t apply I’m thinking because it is talking about a custom circuit. By definition, a bluetooth serial port is a component. Is Q & A where I ask a question like this?

It’s not obvious but FIRST defines custom circuit as any electronics they don’t list in the KOP or sell on IFI robotics.

I would say it doesn’t matter whether you consider it a component or not. It is certainly a custom circuit. Therefore R59 would apply…

Where is that? In rule 59 it says that “The use of additional electronics is intended to allow teams to construct custom circuits for their robots.”.

It is a component not a constructed circuit.

Where is the Q & A section where you can ask these types of questions?

thanks to everyone for responding! :smiley:

Doesn’t matter whether you buy or build it, either way it’s a custom circuit. FIRST provides a Q&A board if you want a definitive answer. It’s near the bottom of the Documents and Updates section on the FIRST website.

thanks for your time. :smiley:

I’m curious why you need this. By cleverly utilizing the dashboard port you can get 10-20 bytes of arbitrary data back to the OI per 3 cycles.

It would be possible to monitor the operation of the robot. So if something wasn’t working as designed, you could obtain some data about that.

It would be further possible to tweak the code during competition. Not re-program it, but say you wanted to make an adjustment to the shooter, it would be possible to do.

Just for these reasons, any wireless communication would be illegal. There is plenty of communication between the OI and the RC for the drive team to affect the robot systems during the match. They and and only they can have that control during a match. You can make any programming changes you want when the robot gets back to the pit. A reminder to all teams, you may only use the tether in the pits at competition. Wireless control is reserved for the field.