Wireless Communication?

How do we control our robot wirelessly??

  1. setup your wireless bridge from the kit of parts using the 2016 FRC bridge configuration utility (OM5P-AN Access Point)
  2. Connect to robo-rio
  3. change your wifi IP address on your computer to 10.TE.AM.32 (where TE.AM would be your team’s number)
  4. use the FRC driver-station like normal

It’s already set for the team number in itself, but we don’t know how to do #3

You don’t have to do 3. If your laptop can connect to the internet, then it should be setup for automatically getting its IP address from the DHCP server (router).

If you do want to set the IP address, you have to go to the Properties box of the Wifi Adapter, and choose IPV4 (or something like that). Inside that, you can set the IP address of the computer FOR THAT INTERFACE.

We are so new on this we don’t even know how to do that. Pictures? Detailed instruction?

What OS are you running on your PC?
The detailed instructions will be different.

Windows 7

Have you read the articles on the ScreenSteps Live? They are very informative:


You will be particularly interested in the article:
“Running your Benchtop Test Program - Wireless”


The steps are:

  1. Complete For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to https://docs.wpilib.org. Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation as TechWiz directed you
  2. Connect the roboRIO to the OpenMesh radio that you setup above using an Ethernet cable
  3. Power up the roboRIO & OpenMesh radio
  4. On your PC (refer to the attached image) look for the wireless icon on the toolbar (circled in the image) and left click on it
  5. Disconnect from any other wireless network your PC may be connected to
  6. Connect to your team number that should show up in the list (in the attached example is team 358)

If you have any trouble come back with what goes wrong.



Note: “Obtain IP Address Automatically” should word. If it does not, then you have to set a manual IP address. should work for you.