Wireless Communications

I have read over the rules about wireless communications.

C05. Don’t set up wireless networks. Teams may not set up their own 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz or
5GHz) wireless communication (e.g. access points or ad-hoc networks) in the venue.
H02. Wireless devices not allowed. During a MATCH, DRIVE TEAMS may not use electronic
devices which have the capability of receiving communications from persons outside of the
ARENA (e.g. cell phones or wearable technology).

Does this include a small LED controlled remote. The remote would be attached to the cart with the receiver being on the cart as well.

I am assuming that it’s not legal but I wanted to double check.

I would assume it does. If the remote and receiver are both on the cart anyway, why not make it wired?

It’s already setup this way. We bought a cheap set of LEDs on ebay and they came with a nice remote to change the colors, flash them etc. I can’t think of a good way to to modify it unless it would be as easy as wiring the transmit directly to the transceiver wires.

> Does this include a small LED controlled remote.

Let’s see… I presume your LED’s use light frequency for wireless control.

C05 applies to 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, which light is not. So C05 does not apply.

H02 is for “devices which have the capability of receiving communications from persons outside of the ARENA”. Since it is on the Cart, which is well away from the Drive Team during a match, H02 would not be an issue.

So would it be legal then?

In and of itself, yes.

Since it is not part of your robot/driver station, you will not find it explicitly permitted. For things off the robot/driver station, it is generally permitted, unless otherwise prohibited.

If there is a prohibition you are concerned about feel welcome to post that question. Note: Any response is only as good as the information you provide. If you neglect to mention that your LED is attached to an 802.11 router that is creating a network …

As presented in your original question, I don’t see how C05 and H02 would prohibit your proposed usage.

That’s what I thought to. It’s using an IR transmitter/receiver. The receiver is an HBS838. I am trying to find a data sheet on it now.

IR is the same analysis as Light.

So based on the rules an IR controlled strip of LEDs on the cart would be legal such that the Remote stays on the cart. The IR signal is not a wifi signal and doesn’t control anything on the driver station or on the robot. So in those regards it is legal.

Yes, but if it interferes with play on the field (blinding IR source) …

We can turn off the LEDs from the remote when we drop off the cart. Also it only sends an ir signal when a button is pressed.

You could also leave the remote in your pits. Do you need to change the LED settings on the cart while you are near the field?