Wireless Connection Unreachable

Let me start off by appologizing if these questions have been answered elsewhere. My problem occurs in trying to connect to the robot’s onboard radio (the DLink). I have it in access point mode as per the official documentation. And the classmate is connected to it. However, I cannot connect to the cRIO!

  • How do I fix this connection issue
  • How do I connect to the D-Link without knowing it’s ip

We are also having problem with the same issue!

We can connect to the Crio tethered but we cannot connect to D-link wirelssly and it says

Crio image : unavailable

Any help would be appreciated!

I did some looking through this year’s DS code and it looks only half baked! It looks just like last year’s code that required a separate DS radio. Can anyone confirm this?

I’m not sure what you were looking through, but it wasn’t the code for the driver station.

Have you followed the directions to setup the dlink to function as an access point? If configured correctly, the laptop DS computer and programming computers can connect to the AP directly.

Greg McKaskle

I have followed the instructions for the D-Link to the letter and it is visible to the classmate in developer. I driver, the classmate can neither see, nor connect to, D-Link.

Also, I’m pretty sure that when you go to an *.exe and open it in a program which can give you the source, then that’s the source from that program.:slight_smile:

I’m sure that’s not true, since by definition .exe’s do not contain source code.:rolleyes:

True, exe’s don’t contain source but it is possible to decompile them.

This conversation has gotten far enough off topic:ahh:

Does anyone actually have a helpful comment as to why my team cannot connect to the D-Link when it is in access point mode?

I apologize if this has frustrated anyone, but come on, its sunday and we have until tuesday! Let’s set aside our troubleshooting methods and attempt to find a solution. I have given my guess, now who else has an idea?

The only reason I comment on the DS source was that in your haste to get the dlink working, your troubleshooting went off-target. Perhaps you should publish whatever source you were looking at so that we can explain what it is. Guaranteed, it wasn’t the DS.

Next, it is the troubleshooting that will determine the issue with the communications, so rather than setting it aside, let’s set everything else aside, and see what works and what doesn’t.

With the dlink configured and powered on the robot, log into as developer and launch the driver station exe. This will let you look at networking and diagnostics while things are running.

As to your initial question about connecting when you don’t know the IP. The laptop joins the wifi network being hosted by the dlink. So, go to the Windows wireless system icon and see if your robot’s network is listed. It should be the team number. Has the laptop connected? If so, the DS diagnostics tab should have a green light next to one of the radio fields. My suspicion is that the laptop has either not joined the network or has done so with firewall enabled. Work on getting the laptop to join the dlink AP and I suspect your issues will go away. If not, please post what the results of these steps were.

Greg McKaskle