Wireless control setup for after season use

Im looking for advice on the best way to set up our 2015 bot for wireless control. Using a 30 foot ethernet cord is not practical for intended off season activity. Thanks in advance for your help.

What I generally do is to make the DLink into an access point that laptops can join wirelessly. This can be done using the radio’s config page or the radio configuration tool described here.

If your laptop supports 5Ghz, use that setting. Some don’t, and you’ll need to use 2.4 GHz, which can be problematic in certain spaces.

The laptops then need to join the wifi network created by your robot.

If you don’t get a connection, you may want to check IP addresses. There are a number of ways to set it up, but I’d recommend using DHCP on the laptop and DHCP on the roboRIO.

Greg McKaskle

Have you seen this: Programming your radio for home use ?

At competition the DLink is locked up security-wise, and to be used at home needs to be reset using the button on the back.

Thank you both very much. I appreciate your help. Have a great day:)

Success!!! Thanks again :slight_smile: