Wireless Driver Station Practice

We have been trying all day to wirelessly connect our computer to our roboRIO. We tried using the National Instruments Bridge Configuration software but we got an error saying that the bridge couldn’t be configured because the IP address configuration failed. We messed with the settings on the d-link and the NIBC software to see if that was the problem but we still got the same error. We changed the computer’s IP address to match the d-link’s address and then tried again and still got the same error. We then set it so the computer would automatically receive an IP address and then opened the driver station software and the driver station said that there was communication, but we couldn’t do anything with the robot. We then tried to ping the roboRIO IP address and got nothing back, so the d-link and the roboRIO aren’t communicating for some reason. Does anybody know how to get the d-link and roboRIO to wirelessly communicate and/or the cause of the “IP address configuration failed” error?

I’m pretty sure the failure is telling you that the configuration tool is unable to change the IP address on your computer. Try running it as administrator. And it’s usually a good idea to disable all of the network adapters except the single wired interface that you’re using to connect to the D-Link.

Try resetting the router or image the RIO again. You have the Ethernet plugged in, right? We ran into the exact same issue and by resetting the router, we didn’t get the error anymore. Best of luck!

I tried configuring the radio today, and while it successfully configured on the first try, it doesn’t seem to work.

I open up the driver station and connect to the radio, but I can’t get communications. Similarly, I can’t open up roboRIO-2067.local/ in a browser.
With the old control system, I would know how to troubleshoot connection issues, but now I have no idea what I’m doing.

The diagnostics are pretty similar.

What do the DS Diagnostics LEDs look like? What does ipconfig tell you? How is the switch and LEDs on the DLink setup?

The DLINK DHCP server will distribute 10.te.am.20+ IP addresses. If you have one of those, it is probably working, otherwise not.

And of course there are pesky firewall issues that are just as hard to diagnose as always.

Greg McKaskle