Wireless options for 2nd system

Actually, the IP/subnet of the router interface is irrelevant to this. The router provided is, functionally, a 6 port switch with one port connected to a wireless access point, another connected to a router/NAT device, and four ports exposed for our use.

Since we are only communicating on a LAN, i.e. on a single switch, router device is never involved in the communications between the DS and the cRio.

You can test this by changing the Ip address of the router to something else. It will still work.


So long as each device has its own IP, which happens if you change you team number, and the subnet masks of the devices communicating(DSs and cRios) match, then it will work.

If you don’t read my whole post, if you change the team number on one DS and one cRio, then they will connect and not interfere.

If you have any questions I’ll try to explain it more.