Wireless Problems

We went through all of the steps in the book up untill the step to enter the new bridge ip, (10.xx.yy.1), and when we enter this into the web browser, nothing comes up. We can get into the router settings fine, but not into the bridge. When we change the network name of the router to our team number, it stops broadcasting a wireless signal. We have done many hard resets, and have tried doing everything over quite a few times. If some one could help out, we would appreciate it.

I assume you are following the steps in the order they appear in the manual. Once you set the new IP, your wireless router will not communicate with the bridge until the router setup is completed.

I had the same problem until I noticed that the wireless card in the laptop is 802.11g, but the instructions say to use 802.11b only. After changing router and bridge to communicate using mixed 802.11b & 802.11g, I got a nice strong signal.

Check that you are not on the same band as another wireless network nearby.

We had connection issues before and it turned out that the University wireless is running on the same band as ours. So we changed that and it works like a charm.