Wireless programming and debugging link

Has anyone used a wireless serial link device with the 2005 or 2006 RC to both program and debug?

Kevin Watson has shared positive experiences for debugging feedback using some of the radio devices at Spark Fun. But… I’m interested in hearing successes in loading code using IFI Loader over a wireless link.

I’m considering picking up one of the Bluetooth serial devices from www.aircable.net… and using a standard Bluetooth USB dongle with serial device drivers for the client side.

Anyone have experiences with this or similar device?
Remember, I’m interested in using IFI Loader with these devices to load new code to the RC, as well as being able to view debugging data.


I could see a use for wireless programming, but i’m sure it wouldn’t be allowed at competition.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow wireless programming; it’s a different frequency than the robot controllers, so it would be like outlawing cellphones. Of course, they wouldn’t allow it to be attached during a match, since you’re not allowed any feedback from the robot that doesn’t pass through the operator interface.